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Recently Sold Listings
AddressList Price
3942 W.32nd Ave. , Dunbar, Vancouver3,788,000
4388 Townley Street, Quilchena, Vancouver5,288,000
5028 Pine Crescent, Quilchena, Vancouver2,980,000
7651 Sunnymede Cr., Broadmoor, Richmond1,998,000
3726 W. 35th Ave., Dunbar, Vancouver5,468,000
876 W. 46th Ave. , Oakridge, Vancouver3,480,000
5568 Alma Street, Dunbar, Vancouver4,388,000
1313 - 7988 Ackroyd Road, Brighouse, Richmond888,000
7338 Angus Drive, S. Granville, Vancouver4,288,000
#806-1367 Alberni Street, West End, Vancouver BC808000
#805-1919 Wylie Street, False Creek , Vancouver998,000
4388 Townley Street, Quilchena, Vancouver3,988,000
#323-8611 General Currie Road, Brighouse South, Richmond425,000
1288 W. 27th Ave. , Shaughnessy, Vancouver4,498,000
#107-5568 Kings Road, UBC, Vancouver525,000
#3403-1028 Barclay Street, West End, Vancouver1,888,000
#108-5568 Kings Road, UBC, Vancouver528,000
841 W. 69th Ave. , Marpole, Vancouver2,438,000
#318-8400 Ackroyd Road, Brighouse, Richmond269,800
7606 Angus Drive, South Granville, Vancouver3,280,000
#1106-1777 W. 7th Ave. , Kitsilano, Vancouver1,388,000
2970 E. 5th Ave., Renfrew, Vancouver1,650,000
#311-1503 W. 66th Ave. , S. W. Marine, Vancouver338,000
2987 W. 22nd Ave. , Arbutus, Vancouver3,188,000
#1706-950 Cambie Street, Yaletown, Vancouver799,999
1849 W. 64th Ave. , S. W. Marine, Vancouver3,480,000
3722 Oak Street, Cambie, Vancouver599,000
5549 University Boulevard, UBC, Vancouver4,338,000
707 W. 28th Ave., Cambie, Vancouver4,388,000
#510-939 Homer Street, Yaletown, Vancouver348,000
#2806-939 Homer Street, Yaletown, Vancouver1,880,000
#302-8400 Anderson Road, Brighhouse, Richmond539,000
6091 Olympic Street, Southlands, Vancouver, B.C.3,788,000
#1000-5890 Balsam Street, Kerrisdale, Vancouver1,328,000
5236 Windsor Street, Fraser, Vancouver1,199,000
#3401-939 Homer Street , Yaletown, Vancouver2,498,000
2792 W. 38th Ave. , Kerrisdale, Vancouver3,988,000
#904-1633 Ontario Street, False Creek, Vancouver948,000
4961 Trafalgar Street, MacKenzie Heights, Vancouver3,988,000
2983 W.38th Ave. , Kerrisdale, Vancouver5,288,000
#201 6063 Iona Drive, University VW, Vancouver West649,000
#1707-928 Homer Street, Yaletown, Vancouver425,000
4433 Wallace Street, Dunbar, Vancouver3,988,000
15588 Semiahmoo Ave. , , White Rock 1,588,000
6388 Marguerite Street, South Granville, Vancouver4,580,000
326 E. 38th Ave. , Main, Vancouver1,950,000
3503 W. 18th Ave. , Dunbar, Vancouver3,988,000
5919 Larch Street, Kerrisdale, Vancouver3,598,000
5568 Alma Street, Dunbar, Vancouver1,680,000
2798 W. 36th Ave. , MacKenzie Heights, Vancouver3,488,000
1186 W. 48th Ave. , South Granville, Vancouver2,985,000
2831 W. 39th Ave. , Kerrisdale, Vancouver4,188,000
2225 McMullen Ave. , Quilchena, Vancouver BC4,780,000
#206-215 E. 33rd Ave., Main, Vancouver349,800
#403 1075 Barclay Street, West End, Vancouver429,000
3463 W. 40th Ave., Dunbar, Vancouver1,980,000
1617 W. 63rd Ave., South Granville, Vancouver1,588,000
1695 SW Marine Drive, SW Marine, Vancouver1,890,000
1055 W. 48th Ave., South Granville, Vancouver4,398,000
PH1-2088 W. 11th Ave. , Kitsilano, Vancouver549,000
1135 W. 39th Ave. , Shaughnessy, Vancouver4,388,000
3338 W. 36th Ave. , Dunbar, Vancouver3,088,000
7828 Shaughnessy Street, Marpole, Vancouver2,188,000
#1215-5811 No. 3 Road, Brighouse, Richmond539,000
7747-7749 Main Street, South Vancouver, Vancouver899,000
#309-8400 Anderson Road, Brighouse, Richmond498000
#511-4759 Valley Drive, Quilchena, Vancouver1,480,000
3278 W. 38th Ave. , Kerrisdale, Vancouver2,750,000
#101-6268 Eagles Drive, , University, Vancouver849000
12651 Carncross Ave., East Cambie, Richmond928,000
3288 W.38th Ave. , Kerrisdale, Vancouver2,698,000
8037 Laburnum Street, S.W. Marine, Vancouver2,788,000
2606 W. 34th Ave. , MacKenzie Heights, Vancouver4,888,000
704-480 Robson Street, Downtown, Vancouver349000
3440 Regina Ave. , West Cambie, Richmond808,888
3288 W.32nd Ave. , MacKenzie Heights, Vancouver1,788,000
3292 W. 32nd Ave. , MacKenzie Heights, Vancouver1,788,000
111 2288 Pine Street, Fairview, Vancouver$899,000
1275 W. 50th Ave. , South Granville, Vancouver2,830,000
2963 W. 31st Ave. , MacKenzie Heights, Vancouver3,798,000
1488 W. 43rd Ave., South Granville, Vancouver 2,480,000
122 W.43rd Ave., Oakridge, Vancouver1,950,000
3783 Cedar Crescent, Shaughnessy, Vancouver5,980,000
#101-5868 Agronomy Road, University, Vancouver659900
2948 W. 32nd Ave. , MacKenzie Heights, Vancouver2,668,000
2985 W37th Ave., Kerrisdale, Vancouver1,998,000
3921 W. 12th Ave. Pt. Grey, Vancouver, Pt. Grey, Vancouver5,479,000
6886 Marguerite Street, South Granville, Vancouver3,338,000
4347 W. 9th Ave. , Point Grey, Vancouver2,498,000
3549 W. 40th Ave., Dunbar, Vancouver2,988,000
7011 Adera Street, South Granville, Vancouver3,088,000